Making a great first impression is key in creating trust and building your relationship with your customers. We pride ourselves for being the only company in the Philippines that also offers Image Consulting and Training to our clients to ensure that they have a complete brand image while helping their employees best present their brand to customers.

Image Consulting and Styling

Our services range from Image Training, Style Coaching, and even Corporate Styling for your company’s corporate photoshoots and events. When you work with us, you can expect an end to end client servicing, even more.

Image Training

Our Image Training focuses on educating your frontline employees on dressing up, proper grooming, hair and makeup to properly present your company image. On the other hand, our Personality Development Training deals with cultivating your frontline employees’ confidence so they can convey who you are as a brand effectively. We also offer Business Etiquette workshops which covers social business etiquettes and workplace dos and don'ts. Our promise is to help you build an image that expresses exactly who you are as a brand, and ensure that this is understood and recognized by your employees who represents your business.